Within the eastern boundaries of the Quebec province and beyond, MYG Informatique has established strategic partnerships with industry-leading IT vendors. We have the ability to offer our services under one roof with partners that share the same vision as our customers.

Why have global leaders such as IBM and Lenovo chosen MYG Informatique as one of their primary vendors of choice?

We are uniquely positioned to tap into the SMB market because we know the market better than our competitors, and we resell commercial products at a consistent, cost-effective price.
Our growing portfolio of services and solutions include:

  • All IBM products for small business, has servers Xseries, BladeCenter, Storage SAN
  • Disk systems, tape systems storage area networks
  • PLUS over 40 000 products and accessories
  • Computers, Laptops, All in one, Pads, Monitors
  • Printers, Multifunction
  • Routers, switch and network products
  • POS with receipt printers, touch screens

We are proud of our partnerships with: